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Are you interested to get your business noticed?

Channel letters are an amazing signage for your business because its bright lights and appealing customized design grabs people’s eye from long distance and also in night time. Normally, channel letters are used as signage for storefronts and commercial buildings.

Channel letters make your business professional and prestigious which will positively boost the image as well as the name of your business. In addition, channel letters are three dimensional, distinct, bright along with sharp, energy efficient and very easy to install (takes one day).

Besides, at PRINT4U our highly experienced graphic designers will create an inventive along with an original design for you business so that it would establish a long lasting name.

Lastly, PRINT4U has manufactured and assembled hundreds of channel letters for a high number of businesses across the province, so we are experts and if you want to both design along with install channel letter for your business, PRINT4U is an excellent choice! 

We provide design and installation service for the following types of Channel letters:

  • Face-lit channel letters

  • Metal construction (standard)

  • Exposed neon channel letter

  • Plastic formed Channel Letters

  • Back (Halo)-lit or reverse-lit letters

  • Face and Back (Halo)-lit letters

  • Pylon & Monument letters

  • Acrylic or Aluminum Letters

All price & service inquiries calls from Markham, Richmond Hill, York Region are welcome.  

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