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Print4U is a professional print shop in Richmond Hill,ON provides high quality & affordable personal, corporate business cards printing service. Same Day Business Cards Printing Service is available for Toronto, Markham, Vaughan, North York, Richmond Hill, Newmarket, York Region.

A business card reflects the tastes, tendencies, opinions, and perspectives of a person or organization. For immediate needs and circulation below 1000, digital printing of a business card is the best choice.

The digital print of a business card is done in the form of a printout of the originally designed file, and then the laminate and laminate covers are used to cover the card.

At Print4U we provide high quality Business Cards & Visiting Cards printing services. Our clients can select between Glossy,Matte,Textured,Regular papers for their orders.


Are you in rush to have a professional and eye catching business card?  We provide the following services to make your business card the best:

  • Logo Design

  • Roll UP Banner Design

  • Flyer & Door Hanger Design

  • Website Design & Email Setup

We also provide same day printing, cutting and delivery service for our clients in GTA and York Region. .


As a professional printing shop in Richmond Hill, ON we at Print4U provide a wide range of business cards printing services for our clients. These services vary by printing quantity, materials and Business Card Dimension.


By Materials

  • 14 pt & 16 pt Card Stock

  • Gold Stamp Business Cards

  • UV Spot Business Cards

  • PVC Business Cards

  • Folded Cards Business Cards

  • Satin Business Cards

  • Matte Business Cards

  • Gloss Business Cards

  • Soft Touch Business Cards

  • Custom Shapes Business Cards

  • Laminated Business Cards

Luxury Business Card for Real Estate

By Printing & Direction

  • 1-Sided Business Cards

  • 2-Sided Business Cards

  • Vertical Business Cards

  • Horizontal Business Cards

  • 250 Business Cards

  • 500 Business Cards

  • 1000 Business Cards


E bus card folded.jpg

By Card Size & Qty

  • 3.5" x 2.0" Business Cards

  • 3.3" x 2.16" Business Cards

  • 2.56" x 2.56" Business Cards

  • 2.75" x 1.1" Business Cards

  • Custom size Business Cards

  • 250 Business Cards

  • 500 Business Cards

  • 1000 Business Cards



(905) 886-5788

(647) 302-5060

At Print4U, We provide unique and pocket-friendly personal and corporate business card printing service for Markham, ON.

As a print shop, we proudly served more than 300 clients across Markham, ON and ready to provide business and visiting card design and printing service for anyone who wants to have a high quality and professional business card by an affordable and low price cost.

We understand that your business cannot stop. Our expert graphic designers are ready to optimize your design or design and provide a business card from scratch witch grab the attention of your clients at the first look. If you are in rush to have your business card for the next day event, we are ready to help!

Simply call Print4U or walk-in and our expert graphic designers will help you by our same day Business Cards printing service to get ready for the next day. 

Our Business Card Printing Service By Business

  • Air Conditioning

  • Appliances Repair

  • Attorney 

  • Automobile Service

  • Beauty salon

  • Cabinet Design

  • Car Wash

  • Catering

  • Cleaning

  • Coffee Shop

  • Construction 

  • Consulting

  • Corporate 

  • Dental Clinic 

  • Driving School

  • Fast Food

  • Graphic Design 

  • Home Staging

  • House Painting

  • Immigration Consultant

  • Interior Designing

  • Investment Company

  • Jewelry Shop 

  • Landscaping 

  • Medical Clinic 

  • Mobile Oil Change

  • Mortgage Adviser

  • Mortgage Broker

  • Property Management

  • Real Estate 

  • Restaurant

  • Roofing

  • Sauna Lounge

  • Software Company 

  • Tanning Salon

  • Tattoo 

  • Vehicle Towing Service

  • Interior Design Company

  • Kitchen & Bath

  • SPA & Laser Clinic

  • Money Exchange

  • Auto & Tire Repairs

  • Beauty & Laser Clinic

Business Cards Printing Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost to print my business card?
    That depends on multiple parameters same as design, material, cuts and quantity. We will provide the exact estimation before starting the job.

  • Can you design and print two-sided business cards?
    Yes, based on your request, we can design and print one-sided or two-sided business cards for you.

  • Can I order business cards printing in any quantity?
    We recommend a minimum of 250 printings, this quantity keeps your costs optimized.

  • Can I order 5000 business cards?
    Yes,  we do not have any limitation on printing  quantity.

  • Can you print 50 Business Cards?
    Technically yes but as a professional print shop we do not suggest this quantity of printing unless you are in rush to have your business card for tomorrow.

    Ordering 250 business cards is normally a better way to keep your printing costs optimized. We can print and hand out 50 business cards for your tomorrow meeting and then continue to print the remained quantity.


  • Can you print 100 Business Cards?
    Technically yes but we do not suggest this quantity of printing, while from client point of view, 100 business cards are more than 50 business cards, but from printing devices point of view there isn't much difference between printing 50 or 100 business cards.

    As we mentioned in previous FAQ, if you order more your cost will be more optimized. 


  • How to design a Business Card?
    If you are not a professional graphic designer with knowledge of printing industry, We do not suggest that you design your business card by yourself.

    You can use a business card design software to visualize your ideas, share it with Print4U or any other professional print shop near yourself and ask them to use that design as the base idea to design a cool business card for you. By this way you can have your idea printed while technical printing requirements considered correctly.


  • Can I use a Business Card design software?
    Yes, you can use such software to visualize your ideas and help graphic designers to understand the business card idea you are thinking about.

    We do not suggest that you print the same design as there are business card color, dimension and other technical requirements that just a professional print shop knows about and all of them must be considered while they are going to print your personal or professional business card.


  • How to make a Business Card?
    While it looks like a great idea to save money and gain your personal or business card by a low price, we do not suggest that.

    You cannot make your business card unless you purchase professional printing devices which definitely cost more than the value you are trying to save.


  • Will printed business cards look like what I see in PDF or PSD version?
    No, from technical point of view, monitor or other display devices use different technologies than printing industry, so in some cases the color you see on monitor may be different by what you see on a printed business card.

  • Can I send you my design and you just print it me?
    Yes and No ! based on the way you designed and the software you used for designing the business card, we may not be able to use the same file or colors. In this case we have to get the idea and re-design the business card by considering printing requirements.

  • What are Business Card dimensions?
    There are different dimension but these are the most commons: 
    3.5" x 2.0" Business Cards
    3.3" x 2.16" Business Cards
    2.56" x 2.56" Business Cards
    2.75" x 1.1" Business Cards
    At Print4U, we provide custom size business cards printing service in addition of above mentioned dimensions.


  • Where can I print Business Cards near me?
    Just use Google, ordering a business card to a print shop which is far from you will waste your time in traffic and transport. This is a hidden cost but you have to consider it to keep your business cards pocket-friendly.

  • Where can I print my Business Card by a low cost?
    Our rates at Print4U are competitive and budget-friendly.

    If you want to make sure that you found the best rate, Just shop around, the easiest way is Google, search for "Print shops near me" or "Visiting card printing near me", call them and describe what kind of business card design and printing do you need and then ask them to send you a Quote. You can compare and select the best printing shop.

    We do not suggest to search for "Cheap business cards near me" or "Cheapest place to print business cards" as you may be redirected to companies or people which provide low quality of service.

  • Where to print Business Cards cheap?
    We do not suggest this, to provide a cheap business card the print shop must reduce the quality of service to reduce the cost.

    You won't need to be a professional graphic designer to recognize a business card is designed and printed by a low quality. This will affect the face of your business. You are trying to save your budget in a wrong place.


  • Where is the cheapest place to print Business Cards?
    We really don't know. As we described in previous FAQ, cheap means reducing the quality and we do not suggest this even if you are out of budget.

    In addition of Print4U, there are lots of other professional printing companies like Staples, Signarama, ePrintfast, Print Three, Vista Print,Printing Peach, Minuteman Press, The Printing House, etc in Markham, ON with competitive prices which you can call or walk-in and ask them for Quote. This can help you to avoid ordering a poorly designed or printed business card.


As a professional signage and printing company in Richmond Hill, ON, we not only care about our clients budget, but also care about the quality of business cards printing and client satisfaction.
This is a brief of what our clients think about our customer service and quality of work.

Oct 2018

I'll definitely return the next time we need business cards/flyers/ banner done.  Very impressive!  

Nov 2018

Nice staff, very good customer service. Will definitely come back again.

Dec 2018

A professional company with excellent quality work in the field of print &sign types and reasonable prices.


We provide custom and professional Business cards printing service for the greater Toronto area specially Richmond Hill, Markham, Vaughan and Thornhill, ON

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